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Asia-Pacific - seen by most analysts as driving the future of the armoured vehicles market over the next ten years, the 8th installment of the Armoured Vehicles Asia summit returns to Jakarta, 24-25 October 2017.

In order to take part in UN peacekeeping and peace enforcement missions, Indonesia requires equipment that corresponds to the military standards of its partner nations; it must also modernise its ability to respond to potential threats to its territorial integrity. 

For these reasons, the Indonesian Armed Forces are set to increase their Peacekeeping Forces from 2000 personnel to 4000 by 2019 – which among other programmes, is the reason we return to Jakarta.

A platform for discussion of armoured vehicle deployment, procurement, cooperation, and sustainment – Armoured Vehicles Asia provides you with the access to information and contacts from Indonesia and surrounding countries that you need to deliver your offering.

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